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You're on the verge of something great.

Now let's help you take it a step further! If you're a high-growth startup who wants to build and grow your company in Lincoln, Nebraska, you could be awarded this grant.

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What is LaunchLNK?

The LaunchLNK grant helps early stage high-growth startups get established and grow in Lincoln, NE. We provide six qualifying startups with a non-dilutive grant, connections to potential sources of additional capital and mentors, and introductions to local corporations who may become early customers or partners.

With this level of support and the unique advantages that Lincoln offers, startup founders have a greater chance of transforming their young businesses into thriving companies.

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Benefits of LaunchLNK

Win a $20,000 Grant

Money is oxygen for a business, so let's fan the flame. Qualifying startups can take advantage of a $20,000 grant to put toward the growth of their startup. 

Get Capital Connections

Put the word "funding" back into conversations. By leveraging strong Midwest relationships, LaunchLNK offers connections to potential sources of additional capital. 

Find The Right People

Quickly learn who's who. Through LaunchLNK, you'll be provided with introductions to mentors and local and regional corporations who may become early customer or partners.

Corporate & Service Providers

Need help with professional services help? Our partnerships can provide you with services at little or no additional cost, so your runway goes further!


LaunchLNK Grant FAQ

How many startup companies receive a grant?

2024 = Six recipients

2023 = Five recipients

What is the grant award?

$20,000 cash grant payable to the startup company. Grant is distributed in 1-2 checks when company meets agreed upon milestones.

In addition, services and benefits valued at $2,500+

What is the process?

Sign up for the email list and you will be emailed an application. The process requires information on your business, screening call, and interviews with the selection committee.

What is the due date or deadline?

Application deadline for the 2025 LaunchLNK Grant will be set later.

How do I stand out?

Startups that have a clear use of funds to advance their company or get to the next milestone. We look for founders that are actively building their business community and / or innovation community.  

What are you looking for in an applicant?

We prioritize companies where the LaunchLNK grant could contribute to economic impact. We want to deploy the dollars where it will spur revenue and job creation and attract additional capital investment.  

I've applied in the past, should I apply this year?

Yes! You are welcome to apply again.

Unless you have already been awarded a LaunchLNK grant, we welcome returning applications.

Who is an example recipient? Which startups are past grant awardees?

In 2024, 30 startups will have been awarded the LaunchLNK grant so far. List of 2018-2023 recipients below. Email Kathy Andersen for referrals to contact past recipients.

What kind of startup companies should apply?

All industries and types of companies are welcome to apply. We do see a lot of technology companies and tech-enabled companies.

I have further questions or want feedback

Email Kathy Andersen with questions

Is your startup ready for launch? 

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Applications are closed for 2023. Join the list to be alerted for 2025 grant cycle.

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LaunchLNK is program of the Lincoln Partnership for Economic Development, a public-private collaboration charged with fulfilling Lincoln's economic development goals. The Entrepreneurship and Innovation division of LPED is charged with creating, supporting, and elevating the infrastructure needed to help entrepreneurs be successful.

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